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Jain Sabha (Regd.) Rohtak is one of the most reputed Non Govt. Organization “Established in 1905” for the betterment of the Society. Presently our organization has 3284 members from all the Jain Community Rohtak (Digamber, Swetamber, Stanakwise etc.)

Following are the four Institutes governed by Jain Sabha (Regd.) Rohtak :

  • Jain Boys Sr. Secondary School, Rohtak
  • Jain Public School, Rohtak
  • Jain Girls Sr. School, Rohtak
  • Jain Aushdhalaya, Rohtak

Jain Sabha (Regd.) Rohtak, committed to provide good educational background through proper co-ordination among all our institutions which aim to provide good quality education and nurturing the roots of budding the talents.
To undertake various beneficial programs, Jain Sabha Rohtak also engaged in the welfare of poorest of society by providing them medical relief, livelihood facility, educational facility etc.


To make Rohtak Jain Sabha Institutions a nurturing ground for the holistick development of young mind by providing intellectual nourishment and wholesome education that sustains emotional stability and strangth to respond creatively to the challanges of a world full of relentless competition.


Our vission is to develop Rohtak jain sabha institutions in to a campus of excellence that encouragesprofessional attitude in students towards careers of their choice and motivate than to man and women of character capable of making positive contributions to the society.


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