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Jain Girls Sr. Sec. School ,ROHTAK
Establish in 1915,Jain Girls Sr. Secondary School  situated at  Quilla Road Rohtak(Haryana) was granted affiliation by Haryana Board of Secondary Education At JGS,  School for Girls with a strength of more than 500 students, the medium of teaching is both Hindi and English language. It is also run by Jain Sabha (Regd.) Rohtak .The school provides education that nurtures the traditions of our culture and also absorbs the finer influences of the west. It focuses on all round development of personality and thorough education of girls in order to make them conscientious and responsible citizens. More importantly, the school imparts the right values and norms of behavior, thus helping the girl students enhance their confidence and poise.

JGS has been pioneer in bringing a loud change in ‘Women Empowerment’ and extending the Teaches of education to the corners of the World.
At JGS education is a great learning experience.

JGS exclusively for girls in Rohtak focuses on all aspects of a student's life. The student focuses on improvement and awareness in five areas: emotional, mental, physical, social, and spiritual. All five areas are essential to the success of the student, When a student takes the steps to develop into a complete, well-rounded person she is on the "trail to success". This "Trail to Success" leads each student to develop self-esteem, self-awareness, self-confidence, self-reliance and self-management

Students and staff work together to develop a unique blend. JGS has a community of warmth, respect, mutual cooperation, friendship, leadership, and love. The students and the staff are truly a team.

Students have opportunities to develop leadership skills. Each student has the opportunity of leading a community service project; developing budgeting skills; planning, preparing,  building crafts, etc. Taking part in skill building projects is an everyday occurrence.

Apart from this the school has a well stocked library which encourages the joy of reading and well equipped Home Science Lab ,Bio Lab, Physics Lab, Chemistry Lab, Computer Lab and Maths Lab where the girls can hone their observational and practical skills. Music and dance which is dear to all the muses is also well-annealed into the school's infrastructure and the school supports a faculty for the same. From time to time students show their skill in this art and have brought laurels to school. It goes without mentioning that Art and Craft are the windows to imagination and creation and the school firmly believes it so.

Contact us

Contact Address:

Mrs. Alka Jain(Principle)

Jain Girls Sr. Secondary School

Ouilla Road-Rohtak


Phone : 01262-253947

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