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Updated News

1. Minutes of Meeting(Governing Bodies Member of Jain Sabha Regd.)Held on 19-06-2015.
2. Election Notification (2014-17)
3. Election Procedure Notification
4. Rules & Guideline
5. Nomination Forms for Collegiums Members.
6. Nomination Withdrawal Form
7. Jain Sabha (Regd.), Rohtak. List of 65 wards of Colligium
8. Download-Collegiums Candidate List for Election(2014-17) Dated 15-Dec-2014
9. Election Process\Notification regarding Office Bearer & Govering Body Members Dated 08-01-2015
10. Download List of Collegiums 65-Members
11. Download Form- Officer Bearer & Governing Body Members
12. Download Withdrwal Form- Officer Bearer & Governing Body Members
13. Election Result-Officer Bearer & Governing Body Members Dated 08/01/2015/

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